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Hi, my name is Wes Williams and I hope to be your plant connection and personal landscape gardener!   On the credentials side of things I have a B.S. in Environmental Horticulture from Ohio State University and 30 years of experience in both the public and private sector. My areas of expertise include small tree and shrub pruning, plant health care,  specialty garden maintenance and plant selection. I always encourage and support the use of native plants in the contemporary landscape. I rarely see the need to use any pesticides or herbicides. All power tools are quiet and eco-friendly.  Weeding is done quickly and expertly by hand!    

In my work in the landscape first and foremost I apply the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. When approaching a landscape I begin by determining how the interactions among humans, plants, animals and the environment impact the natural, organic processes. I am always mindful of how are simplest actions impact the whole for good or for ill. My commitment to humane ethics means I will be guided to always choose the most compassionate course of action. We don't fight nature we work with nature. Sometimes it can get a bit rough out there however.

Connecting with plants and nature is proven to reduce mental stress and fatigue. It inspires us with beauty and surprise. I believe our garden landscapes can be one of our most effective prescriptions for our well being and the earths. Let's connect!

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Green Thought for the Week

Green Thought for the Week

Sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books. C.G. Jung.

Nature is powering down for winter in Central Ohio.  You may have heard this is a time for ‘fall cleanup’ but at Plant Connections I don’t see nature as being ‘messy’ during this process.  Fall is a critical time for seed, nut and fruit production as well as creating winter shelter for birds, animals, and beneficial insects.

Here’s what I recommend to winterize your landscape for you and for Mother Nature.

Some standing vegetation can be left for spring when it will pull easily out of the ground.  Leaving some of the more attractive plants provides some winter interest during the dreary and snowy months ahead.

Pull annuals from containers and beds.

Remove all invasive weeds in mulched areas as well as around trees and shrubs.

Cut back perennials that do not provide seed or fruit for birds and wildlife.

Aerate mulch to insure and promote water filtration.

Prune trees and shrubs as needed.

Shred fallen leaves and use as a light winter mulch layer.

Touch up edging as needed.

My approach is to find a good balance between allowing for the natural seasonal process to do its thing for the benefit of plants and wildlife as well as to insure an attractive cared for landscape.  I work for you and with Mother Nature!

Call to schedule a property walk about and free estimate.  My hourly rate is very reasonable.

  • Reynoldsburg, Ohio, United States

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